Aluminum coils

Why Aluminum Foil Is Used For Pharmaceutical Area?

Everyone is familiar with medicine, but do not know whether you have noticed its packaging. Regarding the packing material, there are many types. Nowadays, people are preferring aluminum foil. As to the reasons, let’s talk in details.


Medical packaging must meet the requirements of moisture, mildew, antifreeze, heat release and light protection. Aluminum foil has been widely used in pharmaceutical packaging due to its non-toxicity, high light-shielding property, oxygen barrier property and moisture resistance. With the advancement of technology, the traditional blister packaging aluminum foil (PTT) is used, and the aluminum foil is also It is compounded with various plastics and paper materials as pharmaceutical packaging materials, such as children's blister aluminum foil, cold stamped aluminum foil, tropical blister packaging aluminum foil, suppository powder composite film.

Metallic aluminum is non-toxic and tasteless, with excellent light-shielding, moisture-proof, gas-blocking and taste-keeping properties. Theoretically perfect aluminum foil can completely block any other light and light, so aluminum foil has been widely used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, and often Used as an inner packaging material that is in direct contact with the drug.