Aluminum coils

Haomei Technology

Seeking for sustainable development, Haomei Aluminum., Ltd is highly responsible for its clients and dedicates to R&D of new product and product quality control.

R&D Team with 313-members

The R&D center now has 313 technical professionals, 24 of whom are senior engineers and 73 engineers.

Advanced R&D Equipment

The company has a number of internationally advanced R&D facilities including: BRUKEROPTICS, Hitachi scanning mirror and EDS (Energy Disperse Spectroscopy), US Hotspot Spectrograph, Oil analyzer, mechanical properties detector, metallographic microscope, atomic absorption analyzer, chromatographic instrument, etc.

DC Casting

Raw material is rapidly molten in a melting furnace. In order to minimize the loss of molten metal, a strict component regulation is applied. The melting furnace is elaborately designed to achieve the maximum heat efficiency.

Coating and Surface Treatment

The typical surface treatment methods for aluminum include anodic oxide coating, coloration, coating, mechanical surface treatment, chemical film coating, bright anodic oxide coating (gloss treatment), enamel coating, and plating. In addition, new technologies have been developed including ion plating and sputtering.

R&D About Aluminum Alloy

Among aluminum pieces for industrial use, one with purity of 99.0% minimum is called pure aluminum and alloys added with various elements are known as aluminum alloys. Pure aluminum and aluminum alloys are used for various kinds of products by making the best use of their characteristics.